New Electric Jaguar Introduced to the Gran Turismo


Jaguar's designs are appreciated by many car enthusiasts around the world. So what kind of things does the company plan for its future cars? The Jaguar Vision GT Coupé clearly shows that we will see the answer in Gran Turismo.

Produced by sports cars cheering Jaguar, again gave up the tradition. Automobile manufacturer will finally come to the virtual environment fully electric presented the concept of car. If we look at the appearance and characteristics of the vehicle, we can say that this vehicle will be destroyed if it is real.

Introduced on Friday Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupéin total 720 kW power and 1,200 Nm has three engines that produce torque. Jaguar's new monster Reach from 0 to 100 if Less than 2 seconds progress. The maximum speed the vehicle can reach 320 km / h. Jaguar Vision, Gran Turismo Sport’Ta will be playable from November.

The Vision Gran Turismo Coupé gives you tips on how the new Jaguars will be:

jaguar concept

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé Jaguar’s electric car Gives you a little hint as to what you can bring to the world. The most important innovations for Jaguar artificial intelligence system and holographic display with augmented reality. These features will not be available in Gran Turismo Sport.

Now let's get to the design of the car. Chris Shaw designed the interior of the car in an interview future Jaguar sports cars thinking how it will look Exceeding limits told. Shaw also said the following in his interview: “The architecture of the vehicle is visibly light, simple, sophisticated and contains experimental materials. Sitting in the spectacularly thoughtful cockpit and looking at the Jaguar Vision GT Coupé zarifs sleek and long hood will immerse players completely into action."

jaguar concept gran turismo


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