New Era on Tinder: ID Card Verification Coming

Popular dating app Tinder has announced a new feature that allows users to verify their accounts. Within the scope of this feature, users will be able to verify their accounts using their official ID cards. Users who verify with their ID card will be given a special badge.

It is a very popular dating app, especially among the Z generation. Tinderannounced that it has taken a new decision to protect its users against fake accounts and abuse. According to the statements made by the platform, users will soon using official ID cards they can verify. In this way, it will be easily understood that a user is really the person in the profile photo.

According to the statements made by Tinder management, the verification process with an ID card is completely will work on a voluntary basis. So no user will have to submit their credentials to Tinder. Just like the selfie verification feature of the application, the authentication process is also a challenge for the users. rozet will present. This badge, which will be seen by other users, will allow it to be understood that you are the real user and the user in the photos.

Tinder’s authentication feature will be rolled out to users gradually


Tinder states that the new verification feature will be offered to users in stages. Researching the reasons for this The VergeAccording to the results of Tinder management, especially those who are strongly against LGBT individuals, against governments took such a decision to protect its users. platform management, collaborating with local experts will try to manage this process.


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The main reason for Tinder to make such a decision is that the increasingly common fraud incidents. According to a study conducted in the USA for the past year, scams made through dating apps, $300 million to evaporate led to Here, Tinder’s new move will protect users, especially from this type of fraud.

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