New Feature to Make Shopping on Twitter Easier

Twitter, which has not fallen off the agenda with the features it has brought to the platform recently, has added a new one to these features. This feature, which allows users to shop without leaving the application, adds a shopping section to the profiles of companies.

Twitter has started pouring new features into its application after a long period of stagnation. The company, which continues to improve its features such as liking the response to the share, Super Follow, Super Thanks and Twitter Blue, users who shop on the platform We are here with a welcome development.

According to the information, Twitter is working on this feature together. without leaving the app make shopping possible. Here are the details of the shopping feature that will be added among other innovations:

It aims to bridge the gap between discovering and purchasing products:

Twitter shopping module

The feature in question, as you can see from the image, can be added to the profiles of companies. a section where they can add their products and users can browse the products from this section. When the user wants to buy the product, they are directed to the official site of the product without leaving the application and can shop there.

According to Twitter, the feature is only app for now. For iOS users using English open. We do not yet have clear information about when it will be available to all users.

Twitter shopping module

finally in Arden Cove and GameStop’s No information was given about when the feature, which is used by 12 companies, including the company, will be opened to different companies.

It is known that social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram are also working on new features that will provide convenience to sellers in the field of shopping. In this context, for social media platforms that want to strengthen their platforms in the field of shopping, the emergence of a new field of competition we can say.


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With the features that we can also describe as a shopping module, such as Twitter, Twitter Blue and Super Follow. features to generate income will add another one. You can share your thoughts about the feature in the comments section.

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