New Images Came From Twitter’s Emoji Reaction Buttons

Ready-made appearances of Twitter’s emoji reaction buttons, which were leaked in May, appeared. Two of the 4 buttons appeared in the first leak. With a new screenshot, it became clear what all the buttons will look like.

One of the features that Twitter was preparing to open for use this time was the emoji reaction buttons that appeared in May. First time Twitter leaker Jane Manchun Wong The feature announced by has not been put into use yet. However, the limited information we have has increased with a new leak.

Nima Owji A Twitter user named Emoji found the emoji reaction buttons to be brought to the platform and shared them with his followers. In the first leak, we had limited knowledge of what the feature would look like. However, it seems that the work on the appearance of the buttons at least is finished.

All of the emoji reactions appeared:

twitter buttons


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Nima Owji has found the updated versions of Twitter’s buttons, which are expected to be available for more than a month. In the leak by Jane Manchun Wong, only “Hmm” and “Haha” Her reactions had emojis. Thanks to the new screenshot enthusiasm and sadness It turned out that the buttons indicating which emoji are displayed.

Facebook and iMessage’da The working principle of the buttons resembling the feature used is as follows, as far as is known: If you are in the mobile application, you long press the usual like button. This is how the small window that presents the emoji options opens. You choose between ‘Haha’, ‘Hmm’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Enthusiasm’ and react to posts exactly the way you feel. We don’t know if these reactions are included in general tastes or counted separately. However, it is likely that the feature will not be available until August.