New Images From Perserverance’s Robotic Arm


NASA recently shared new images of Perserverance, which made its first test drive on Mars. The final images shared were obtained while the Mars explorer checked that his robotic arm was working.

He has focused on the work of the spacecraft named Perserverance, which he managed to land on Mars a while ago. NASAShared new images of the Mars explorer. The shared images reveal Perserverance’s robotic arm.

The robotic arm featured in the images shared by NASA has shoulders, elbows and wrists, just like a human arm. This is also your robotic arm it means it can work like a scientist trying to collect samples. The arm that extracts rocks from the surface of Mars, collects microscopic images and can perform analysis, is the subject of NASA’s search for traces of life on Mars. biggest helper known as.

Here is the latest photo shared by NASA


The spacecraft NASA sent to the Red Planet shows the image above. navigation photographed using the cameras to be used for. These cameras take Perserverance to wander the surface of the crater named Jezero. directingwill enable it to reach the widest possible area. Another view presented by the camera is as follows;


What is Perserverance doing now?

For the first time in the past days test drive Mars explorer, limbs he currently possesses by testing busy. Perserverance, who will repeat this process frequently throughout the task process, will check whether all parts, including the robotic arm, will work. Here are the last images shared by NASA. a part of caught during. According to NASA’s statements, after a few weeks of testing, new missions will be switched to. If you want to review all images shared by NASA, here You can use the link.

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