New Information Shared About Battlefield 2042

In today’s EA Play Live presentation, the game modes and open beta date that will come to Battlefield 2042 were shared. In addition, the system called Battlefield Portal was introduced.

Cross-platform support for Battlefield 2042 formerly the future and that the tornadoes in the game negatively affect the gaming experience. we shared with you. At the EA Play Live event held today, it was about Battlefield 2042. new information shared.

The new game of the Battlefield series is very popular with many players with its first trailer. liked and appreciated. In today’s presentation, players will be able to design their own maps. Battlefield Portal application is also introduced.

Missed maps will also be in Battlefield 2042

Battleield 2042

Many Battlefield players love to play in Battlefield 2042. Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2maps, weapons and vehicles from announced that it will be added. In addition, players can play the characters of Battlefield Bad Company 2 set in the Second World War with 2042 characters. face to face can fight.

Also in the game Hazard Zone There will also be a mod. Although this mode is in Battle Royale games, shrinking area like though, at the exit of the game there is a There will be no battle royale mode. However, the battle royale mode will be added later specified.

EA announces Battlefield Portal

EA, in his presentation, Battlefield players own Battlefield maps introduced a web-based application that allows Battlefield Portal In this system, introduced by the name of 10more than 1,000 maps, 40more than , 30more than tools and 40It has been announced that there will be more than 1,000 vehicles available.

Thanks to Battlefield Portal, users can will create the game modes of your dreams, will be able to play and play to other players. Thanks to this system, Battlefield 2042’s an almost infinite amount It was also stated that it could have different game modes.


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Battlefield 2042 will launch for console and PC this November. In September, the public beta system will start and EA Play users will be given priority announced.