New Mac Pro Vault Adapted to Windows PCs

Apple's new Mac Pro recently introduced, price and case design was discussed with a lot. Now, a company plans to sell Apple's controversial Mac Pro case for Windows computers.

US-based technology giant Apple, introduced the new Mac Pro in recent months. After the introductions, the price and design of Mac Pro was the most discussed. So much so that Apple had set an initial price of $ 6,000 for its new Mac Pro, and the case's design was quite interesting. In fact, Apple's design was more like a grater.

Now a company has taken up this case design of Mac Pro and created a case for Windows computers. This design is exactly the same as a Mac Pro case without an Apple logo. The only difference is that the so-called "Dune Pro" can be used on computers running Windows. Let us introduce you to Dune Pro.

Introducing Dune Pro

Dune Pro

According to the statements made by the developer team, this case design provides consumers with a wide range of space. In fact, 15-inch graphics cards, Dune Pro easily fits into. In addition, a 360-millimeter cooling radiator can be added to this case and 5 SSDs and 3 HDDs can be installed. However, the developer company has left Mac Pro's controversial front air gap at the disposal of consumers. If consumers want, they can buy a flat front panel.

Dune Pro

The product will be available on October 21 through Kickstarter. However, the developer team is aware of the fact that this design has legal problems, and therefore says that it is working on the necessary legal procedures. If the product is sold, Apple's attitude on this issue is not yet known. However, the company has done a similar work in recent years and was able to sell the product.