New MacBook Pro with ARM processor allegedly with RAM limitation


What RAM equipment do the long-awaited, newly designed MacBook Pro machines with Apple Silicon (ARM-based processor) get? So far there is little information on this, but a leaker now wants to know more for the first time.

Wie Luke Miani reported on his YouTube channel, the machines could be limited to a maximum of 32 GB. That would actually be a step backwards compared to the current Intel hardware. There is the still normally available 16-inch model with an Intel Core i7 processor of the 9th generation, for which no ARM equivalent has yet been available. with up to 64 GB (if you are willing to pay a whopping 920 euros extra).

The industry currently expects Apple to start producing new portable ARM machines for professionals in the current third quarter and then to announce them probably in October. It is said to be two devices with mini-LED screens in sizes 14 and 16 inches – the 14-inch model will be the successor to the current 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple will probably use an improved M1 chip (“M1X”) that has more cores and higher graphics performance.

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In the case of RAM, if the rumors are true, Apple is supposed to be stingy. Since the main memory is also used by the GPU, this could become a problem in professional applications – with Apple cleverly outsourcing between RAM and the fast SSDs. Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose more RAM than less for the current M1 machines.

Why there won’t be any 64 GB “M1X” Macs remains unclear; Apple may simply be missing the necessary components on the market. Apple combines memory and SoC in a common module. Miani has more details about the new machines. The SD card slot should support up to UHS-II and the Touch ID button should be backlit. More ports are also expected than before, including HDMI and possibly the return of the MagSafe power supply connector. Portable Macs currently only have up to four USB-C ports with Thunderbolt – that’s it.


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