New Map and Vehicle Future Leaked for Apex Legends

The name of a new map coming to Apex Legends has been leaked on Twitter. According to the claimant, Trident vehicles and new plants will be added to the game with this map called ‘Tropics’.

The innovations that will come to Apex Legends, one of the most preferred survival games in the world, have been leaked recently. allegedly a tropical island map it will be added to the game and a vehicle that used to be in the game will return.

Twitter user Garret, known for his leaks, told Apex Legends A map called ‘Tropics’ will be added and ‘Trident’ vehicles will return to the game. He claimed. According to the same claims, new plants will be added to the extraterrestrial plants.

Tropical island map and Trident vehicles will be added

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Garret, a reliable leaker on Twitter, encountered a map with the codename ‘Tropic Island’ in the Apex Legends files. Stating that the name of this map in the game will be Tropics, Garret stated that Trident vehicles will be added to the game again. Allegedly, the appearance of the vehicles on the new map will be slightly different from the appearance on the Olympus map. Tridents in Tropics will contain scratches and mud marks. Again, according to the information obtained from the files of the game, Apex Legends new ‘extraterrestrial plants’ will be added. However, it is not yet known what the plants are used for.

When will the Tropics map be added to the game?

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The release date of the Tropics map and other innovations, which are said to take place on the planet Gaea, may not be very close. Garret says he doesn’t expect the map rollout to happen in season 10. According to the leaker’s words Tropics is a map that will likely come in season 11. Elements such as the trident and new plants will also be added with this map.

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