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The digital economy companies have successfully contributed to mitigating the effects of the corona pandemic. Digital services facilitate work in the health system, administration and education system. Solutions for the mobile office help reduce the risk of infection for hundreds of thousands of employees.

“After this difficult year, it is time for us to look positively ahead and thank the companies in the digital economy. You have made a decisive contribution to alleviating the crisis. Just a few years ago it seemed unthinkable to move a large part of the work to the home office and to exchange ideas via video conferences, ”explains BVDW President Matthias Wahl.

Digital economy: Corona crisis as a crash course

During the corona pandemic, it became apparent that many areas in administration, business and society were and are still insufficiently digitized. “The Corona crisis is therefore also Germany’s crash course in digitization. Digitization is more than just a stopgap. It is a driver of innovation that equips us for a better future, even beyond the pandemic. We should now look more positively to the future. If we allow the digital economy to help us, we can cope much better with the effects of this pandemic, ”continued Wahl.

BVDW digital economy
Matthias Wahl is President of BVDW eV (Image: BVDW)

Video conference tools, the Corona warning app, digital consultations with doctors, e-prescriptions or digital administrative services are just a few examples of the help companies in the digital economy can provide. The BVDW showed in 2020, among other things, with its publication “Corona: the morning after” to where digitization is most urgently needed and where progress has recently been made that needs to be built upon.

New member companies of the BVDW strengthen digitization

In 2020, numerous companies decided to become members of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) eV. The new members include: Amazon, Basilicom, Mediakeys, Onetrust, PWC, Tiktok, Weleda and many more. “The companies in the digital economy are working together to create market transparency and an innovation-friendly framework for digitization in Germany. Together with politics and society, we will help to overcome the corona pandemic, ”says Matthias Wahl.

The Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) eV represents the interests of companies that operate digital business models or whose added value is based on the use of digital technologies. As an initiator, guide and accelerator of digital business models, the BVDW represents the interests of the digital economy vis-à-vis politics and society and advocates the creation of market transparency and innovation-friendly framework conditions. His network of experts provides orientation on a central future field with figures, data and facts. In addition to the DMEXCO and the German Digital Award, the BVDW organizes a large number of specialist events. (sg)

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