New Operator Could Be Soap In Modern Warfare


The tweet shared by a Twitter user named ModernWarzone today revealed that Modern Warfare will win Soap in the new season. The Twitter user did not explain for what purpose he shared the tweet he shared.

Like almost every battle royale game on the market Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and MW Warzone also has a separate story from gameplay. This story develops and continues to progress as the game moves into the new season. So what awaits us in the next season?

Although we cannot give the answer to this question clearly yet, today we share a lot of information about Call of Duty Modern Warfare. ModernWarzone Twitter user named, made an interesting post. The user who has shared about the next seasons before, the user we know from the Modern Warfare series legend character referred to.

Will the new operator be Soap?

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ModernWarzone tweeted that we gave life to the first game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; who lost his life in the second game John “Soap” to MacTavish gave place. Twitter user, ‘We miss you Soap.‘shared a Tweet of Soap’s photo with the phrase, and managed to attract attention.

Although the Twitter user has not yet said for what purpose he shared this Tweet, thoughts will immediately come to play. to the new season he pointed. Many users began to think that Soap, who passed away, would come to Modern Warfare like Ghost, another legendary character.

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If these thoughts are true, whether Soap will be coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in season 6 or season 7. Unknown. Nevertheless, players who thought they would see Soap again, began to look forward to the new season. However, right now, you too only one that the theory It is worth noting.

One of the most legendary names in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, Soap has long been introduced to the new Modern Warfare. as operator expected to arrive. However, so far Activision has not included anything about Soap in the new game. Perhaps the moment is finally coming.

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