New Patent Hints At What Could Be Added to Cybertruck

Cybertruck was used as an example vehicle to demonstrate some new features in Tesla’s newly published patent. Naturally, those who saw the patent hoped that the features could be found in the latest version of Cybertruck. We will see at the end of this year whether the glass production patent, which affects the interior and exterior design of the vehicle, will affect the vehicle.

Tesla’s Cybertruck truck, introduced in 2019, has been on the agenda for a long time with its interesting design and eventful introduction. Elon Musk recently stated that the mass production version of the vehicle will be extremely similar to the promotional version. However, it did not pass without mentioning the minor changes to be made to the vehicle. Tesla owns the vehicle changing door handles and rear wheel steering announced that it will have “other great features” apart from

A Tesla patent was recently published using the Cybertruck as an example. The focus of the patent is on a company-owned glass making technique. The fact that the design features revealed by using new glasses were displayed on Cybertruck relieved the question marks about the final state of the vehicle.

Stiffer windshield, sturdier looking frame

tesla cybertruck

A newly published patent from Tesla gave hints about some features that can be added to Cybertruck. The patent named “Face Line Automotive Glass Structure and Related Manufacturing Method” has intensified folds and coatings. extremely durable He talks about a glass making technique. Tesla states in the patent that with this technique, he can create windshields with very dense facial lines that are not possible with traditional glass shaping methods.

The instrument panel may be made of glass

tesla cybertruck

The outstanding features in the patent are not limited to the exterior design. Again, a feature shown on Cybertruck as an example, may have a glass instrument panel is showing. In the prototype version of the Cybertruck, this section consisted of recycled composite paper. However, the interior design has been made more elegant by using the said condensed glass in the patent. In addition, despite the durability of the glass, the top of the panel is covered with a protective coating.


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Cybertruck’s design has already been completed. It remains to wait to find out whether the features shown on the vehicle in the patent will actually be in this vehicle. However, this wait will not last long, because The tool will enter beta phase later this year. Mass production will begin next year at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory.

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