New Promotional Videos for Nova 6 by Huawei


Huawei's new smartphone to be introduced on December 5 Nova 6 countdown continues. The company has now released new promotional videos of the model, which will also include a 5G link-supported version. The videos show the overall design of the Nova 6.

In 2019, Huawei launched a new smart phone model, and in the last days of 2019, it will again be presented to consumers with a smart phone model. The Company will organize an event on 5 December. 5G will be introducing its new connection-supported model Nova 6 to consumers. Huawei is currently preparing for the new model, now Nova 6 released new promotional videos for.

A few days ago, Huawei also published promotional videos about Nova 6. The videos released at that time were more about the features of the phone and a detailed view of the phone It did not include. The latest promotional videos of the company give us an overview of Nova 6. Nova 6's new introductory videos, how both the front and back of the phone it looks revealing.

Huawei Nova 6

The promotional videos once again clearly show that the Nova 6 will have two cameras in the hole on the screen. This dual front camera installation allows consumers to 105 degrees wide angle photography. On the back of the phone four There will be cameras. One of these cameras is designed to be placed on the right side of the triple camera installation.

Technical specifications of the upcoming Huawei Nova 6 are currently available Unknown. However, a recent Huawei certificate confirms that the phone will have both 4G and 5G connectivity supported versions. Also available in both versions 40 watts will have fast charging support.


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Huawei has raised consumers' expectations from good to good. Kirin 990 processor expected to be released in the smart phone, soon after entering our lives seems to bring great sound. But we still have to wait a while before we meet Nova 6. Now, if you wish, Huawei's Nova 6 Let's leave it alone with the promotional videos.

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