New PS5 Model Runs Hotter Than the Original


Last week, Sony’s new PlayStation 5 model was seen in the Australian market. The only difference in this new model, which is about 300 grams lighter than the original, was thought to be weight. But the change YouTuber Austin Evans found shows that the new console may be worse than its predecessor.

Last week, very popular PlayStation 5 The new version of the console was seen in the Australian market. From the first model 300 gram For this model, which is as much lighter as Sony, some unnecessary parts in the cooling section are removed from the console, although it is one of the curious users. YouTuber Austin Evans, rolled up its sleeves to reveal what was sacrificed and 300 grams saved.

Evans, who bought the new model and compared it to the original, examined the cooling section that Sony mentioned and compared the temperature values ​​there. Here is the first detail that caught Evans’ eye, a smaller cooling it happened. According to Evans’ test comparing temperatures, the newly revised PlayStation 5 runs hotter than the original.

Evans compared the temperature at the air outlets, not the system temperature:

PlayStation 5

Evans tested both models. temperature values ​​at the air outlets compared. Here is something that confuses people. Since the test is based solely on the air outlets, people either new PlayStation 5 running hotter and therefore more hot air is formed, or the new PlayStation 5 is able to expel the air compared to the previous model. more efficient he thought it was.

About this situation, Evans said that less heatpipes there is no possibility to provide better cooling told. In addition, giving an example on the computer, Evans stated that when a cooler used for the processor is removed and a smaller one is installed, the system temperature will increase as the smaller cooler will cope with the heat more difficult, and this situation reaches the same place as the test he made. In the test, the difference between the first model and the new model 5 degrees Celsius of temperature difference had been found.


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