New Regulation Coming to Online Product Sales

In the Commercial Advertising and Unfair Commercial Practices Regulation, which it plans to make new regulations, the Ministry of Commerce aims to prevent sellers from making counterfeits by first increasing the product price and then making a huge discount.

As you know, dozens of sellers are selling their products in order to show high discount rates and therefore attract more customers. by increasing the label prices, as if they had made a big discount. putting it. In order to prevent this fraud, the Ministry of Commerce decided to amend some articles of the Commercial Advertising and Unfair Commercial Practices Regulation.

In the 14th article, which will undergo the biggest change in the regulation, the previous price of the product was taken as the basis when calculating the discount rate in the past, and the seller could easily apply the method we mentioned above. With the change to be made, the product is no longer the previous one, lowest price in the last month will be based.

Regulation wants sellers to be more transparent to consumers

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Another change to be made in the regulation is personalized advertising and sales prices. With a new paragraph to be added to article 13 of the regulation, sellers are nowprovides both personalized and up-to-date price of the product to the customer through the websites. will have to show.

In addition, the regulation does not apply to sales made by installments or credits over the internet sites. information such as loan interest rates, repayment information, monthly and total value of product cost will require it to be forwarded to the customer. At the same time, if the advertisements on sales have a certain order among themselves, this order according to what criteria should be communicated to consumers.

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