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Our colleagues tested AMD's new CPUs as well as the new Ubuntu. We also show how to work with a webcam and green screen.

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AMD has again introduced new processors. The chips are more in the middle class segment and continue to scratch Intel's market power. AMD not only presented new Ryzen 3000 models with Zen 2 architecture, but also reissued an older chip. But something is also happening in the mobile sector, because the first notebooks with Ryzen 4000U are available. Now Intel's previously secure domain of mobile processors is also at risk. Christian Hirsch explains how the processors perform and what Intel AMD has to do to counter them.

Canonical has released a new version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 20.04 is again a version with long-term support and thus replaces April 18. There are no revolutionary overturns, but a few exciting new details on the desktop. Some things have improved in Ubuntu, such as scaling for high-resolution monitors, while others, such as snaps and flatpaks, are causing new problems. But not only Ubuntu was busy, the developers of Fedora have also completed a new release and improved many details. Keywan Tonekaboni knows about the innovations and small details of the Distros.

Video conferencing has grown in popularity. But not everyone is happy with it. If you don't want everyone to see your private study right away, you can replace your office with any background using the free software Open Broadcast Studio, a cheap green screen (or a blue garbage bag if necessary) and a few simple steps. The whole thing works under Linux as well as under Windows. Our professional streamer Liane Dubowy explains exactly how to proceed. You can see how well the setup works when playing under

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