New Series Coming From Supernatural That Says Goodbye To The Screens


Good news came from the channel where the Supernatural series, which said goodbye to the screens with its final season last year, was broadcast. According to The CW’s statement, preparations have begun for The Winchesters, a new series that will focus on Dean and Sam Winchester’s family and the origins of supernatural forces.

since 2005 for 15 seasons Supernatural, which is about the supernatural events experienced by the Winchester brothers, said goodbye to its fans by making the final last year. Not even a year has passed since the final season, a pleasing news came from the producers of the series from the channel it was broadcast on.

According to the statement made by the television channel The CW, a new series will be about what happened before Supernatural. The¬†Winchesters preparations have begun. Winchester will narrate the supernatural events experienced by Dean and Sam’s parents, and Jensen Ackles will voice the series.

The Winchesters will tell the original story of Supernatural


Being the longest-running science fiction series in television history, Supernatural has been among the most popular TV series worldwide for many years. With the finale of the beloved series, fans thought he was saying goodbye to Supernatural completely, but according to The CW’s statement, about Supernatural more and detailed information we are about to acquire.

The new series The Winchesters will focus on the times of Sam and Dean’s parents. Thus, the supernatural to first appearances We will testify. The star of the series, Jensen Ackles, used the following statements about the new series: “After we finished season 15, we knew Supernatural wasn’t over. Because just like we said on the show, nothing ever ends, right? When Daneel and I founded Chaos Machina Productions, we decided that the first story we wanted to tell should be about John and Mary Winchester.”


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