New Software Update for PlayStation 5 Released

Sony has released the new software update that fixes a weird bug with PS4-PS5 transitions of PlayStation 5 games. The update also improves the overall system performance of the PS5.

Japanese technology giant Sony has released a new system update for PlayStation 5, its newest game console. PlayStation 5 The update, which upgrades the firmware to version 20.02-02.50.00, does not bring any changes that will deeply affect the gaming experience of users.

Installing the PlayStation 4 version when inserting the PS4 disc even after upgrading a game’s disc from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 with the new update error has been resolved. Thus, you will no longer install the PS4 version of the games you have upgraded to the PS5 version.


According to patch notes shared by Sony, the new update focuses on improving system performance, apart from the issue we described above. Although the update hardly affected the game experience 868,3 MB has such a large file size. Since the update is released gradually to all PS5 units, we can say that it will come soon even if you have not received it yet.

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