New Statement by Tayfun Demir: You Got The Wrong Person


In 2007, the testimony of YouTuber named Tayfun Demir, who showed himself dead with fake documents and was caught in the operation yesterday, appeared in the police. According to the information reported, the person said, “You caught the wrong person” in his statement to the police.

Showing himself dead with fake documents in 2007 Typhoon Iron We shared with you this morning that YouTuber named YouTuber was caught with the operation. About Tayfun Demir, who was sentenced to 52 years, 4 months and 15 days in prison for 44 different crimes in total new detail appeared.

According to the report of DHA, he was involved in a fraud crime in Istanbul in 2007 7 years penalty Demir, who learned that he had received the university exam and transferred himself to open prison while he was in prison the same year, while he was in prison for 4 years university your education also continued.

In 2011 “I’m going to college” Demir, who did not return to the prison where he was released on leave saying escape that then, first, with forged documents. to murder the victim showed as gone. The person, who had the false death report accepted to the prosecutor’s office, was also on paper from various crimes and more than 100 search records in UYAP after a year.dead“He survived because he appeared.

It turned out that while on the run, he took out a bank loan with a fake identity:

Tayfun Demir

During Demir’s search as a fugitive fake by identity N.Ö. from a bank branch in Istanbul. in the name of borrowed money Police teams took action upon the emergence. As a result of the investigations in the bank, it was understood that Demir was fraudulent, because the person named Tayfun Demir appeared dead in the official records. has fallen learned.

The fact was revealed when the police, who suspected the situation, examined the camera records of the courthouse where the death report was made. In the camera footage of January 12, 2012, ‘Joseph Iron’ of the person who brought the death report under false name is Tayfun Demir himself it became certain. Although it was understood that the documents given were fake when the retrospective transactions were examined, Demir could not be caught despite all efforts at that time.

His address was determined with his posts on social media:

Tayfun Demir

According to the information obtained, Demir in 6 different provinces during the search fraud, formal in the paperwork forgery and organ sale of like 44 different crimes confused. Muğla Provincial Police Department Information Technologies Branch and Public Security Branch teams, about these crimes 52 years 4 months 15 days He determined that Tayfun Demir, who was sentenced to prison, was in Muğla’s hinge district.

For 6 months technical follow-up After it was understood that Demir was the famous YouTuber, his social media posts were also examined. While it is understood from the places in the posts that Demir is in Menteşe district of Muğla, the police ‘ROPE’ Based on his address, he identified the detached house in the rural Gazeller District where he was staying and conducted an operation yesterday.

In his statement, he said, ‘You detained the wrong person’:

Tayfun Demir

The iron, which was caught with a fake ID on which he pasted his own photo, was sent to the courthouse after his procedures at the police. was arrested. Demir, who was determined to have arranged dozens of fake identities before and mounted his own photo on someone else’s IDs, accusations accept didn’t.

In your statement to the police “You arrested the wrong person” He also claimed that the learned person he said did not know Tayfun Demir, who showed himself dead in the records. Following the completion of the police procedures, Demir was arrested in the courthouse where he was transferred the same day and To Muğla E Type Prison sent.

During the search, he participated in the competition programs:

He lived in Istanbul for many years and about 1 year ago When he came to Muğla learned that youTuber Tayfun Demir participated in television and competition programs during the search. The person, known for his arm prosthesis on an injured squirrel, took part in a program on April 11, 2018, and on June 9 of the same year, on a private television channel. competition to schedule It was determined that he participated and was eliminated in the 6th question and won a 1000 TL award.