New Statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Total Closure


The Ministry of Internal Affairs made a new statement on the subject hours before full closing. The Ministry, which answered 10 questions in the past days, answered 5 more questions today. These statements clarify the exemption requirements across the country.

In a content we shared with you recently, it will start at 19:00 today, “tam closing“From some statements made about the period we mentioned. In these statements made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the 10 most curious questions about the full restriction period were answered. Ministry now, wondering By answering 5 more questionshas cleared a few more confusions.

To be honest, the statements made today will be applied to some segments during the complete closure process. exemption scope of expands a little more. Thus, the number of people exempted from restrictions, which seems to be a small number, is increasing a little more. Well in the statements made today what kind of details located? Which occupational groups will be able to go out more comfortably than today’s statement?

Here are the answers to the new questions of the Ministry of the Interior

Full closure

Question 1: Will there be any exemptions for corporate tax payments on Friday, April 30, 2021 to taxpayers to pay their debts?

It is the first day of full closing due to the last day of the Corporate Tax payment April 30, 2021 Taxpayers, who will go to the banks to make their corporate tax debt payments on Friday, submit the accrual receipt or the information / document showing the debt status received electronically during the audits and payment will be made They will be exempted from the curfew, provided that they stay on the bank route.

Question 2: Is it necessary to obtain a permit for domestic flight tickets taken prior to the decision to close?

All kinds of intercity travel during the period in which the curfew will be applied will be subject to permission. For this reason, obtaining a travel permit depending on the existence of compulsory situations for travels that coincide after the start of the curfew. is required. As the only exception to this situation, with the tickets purchased before the full closing decision, the travel permit document for air travels that will start their voyage until 24:00 on Thursday, 29 April 2021 (with an exception between 19.00-24.00). will not be wanted.

Curfew restriction

Question 3: How will lawyers conduct their activities during the period when curfews are in effect?

In the annex of the Circular “Exempt Places and Persons“In accordance with Articles 33 and 34 of the List, provided that the execution of judicial duties is limited to lawyers and lawyer trainees; to go to their offices, workplaces, courthouses, law enforcement units, official institutions, notaries in the city they are in during the curfew and in compulsory situations. not subject to any restrictions.

Question 4: During the curfew period, are the intercity travels of press members holding turquoise press cards subject to permission?

During the intercity travels of the press members who have turquoise press cards, as per their duties, during the control turquoise press cards They do not need to obtain a travel permit, provided that they submit the duty documents issued by the companies and their institutions.


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Question 5: Do people (driver, assistant, stewardess, etc.) in charge of freight and passenger transport have to obtain a permit for intercity travel?

Transportation, cargo, logistics, freight, etc., where intercity travel is mandatory due to the nature of the activity carried out and exempted in our Circular. drivers, assistants, and stewardesses who are engaged in their activities and have received a duty certificate through the e-application system, to obtain a Travel Permit for intercity travels with freight and passenger transportation vehicles. no need.

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