New Streaming Deal with Sony from Netflix

Sony will only allow its movies to be streamed on Netflix after they are released in theaters and on home viewing services. The productions will not take place on any other platform.

Cinema industry is among the sectors most affected by the pandemic. In many countries movie theaters are closed and productions are also broadcast directly on the internet. Although we will return to movie theaters in the future, new agreements are signed between producers and platforms.

According to the new agreement between Netflix and Sony Pictures, Sony’s 2022 and beyond The movies that will be released will be broadcast only on the Netflix platform. New among these movies Spider-Man filmi ve Uncharted There will also be productions such as.

Sony productions will be available for a long time


When movies are released and after to watch-pay services The period to which it was added is usually “first payment periodFilm starts to make money during this period, and this process is usually 1.5 years takes. Sony will immediately switch productions from one period to the next with its new strategy.


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Netflix will not stop there, and will add some Sony productions back to the platform. These productions will be chosen not only from Sony, but also from films by other studios such as Columbia. Even Netflix in the future with Sony Pictures It has been announced that it will also undertake the financing of some films to be made.

2 or 3 films a year



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According to reports, Sony Pictures will shoot 2 or 3 movies a year for Netflix. On the other hand, the agreement will not cover films that will be released in the remainder of 2021. So Venom: Let There be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home movies are not included in the deal. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse sequel will come to Netflix.

Before Paramount ve Universal Such producers have signed similar deals with other platforms. It is not yet clear in which countries the films will be broadcast under the agreement.

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