New Study from the Ministry of Health on BioNTech Vaccine

The Ministry of Health decided to include family physicians in vaccination studies after the announcement that the BioNTech vaccine could be stored in vaccine cabinets for a month. Aydın was chosen as the pilot for the application in question.

Made a new statement recently Ministry of Health, Pfizer/BionTech ile 90 million doses that they signed a deal for the new coronavirus vaccine had announced. The vaccine agreement in question has strengthened its hand on the steps that the Ministry of Health plans to take on the epidemic in the summer.

What the European Medicines Agency did regarding the storage conditions of BioNTech vaccine “can be stored in vaccine cabinets between 2-4 degrees for a month instead of 5 days“The statement to increase the speed of the Ministry of Health’s vaccination efforts. include family physicians in vaccination has been provided to take a step in the direction of.

Ministry of Health to test the applicability of BioNTech vaccine in family health centers

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The Ministry, in order for this vaccine to be administered by family physicians Intellectualselected as pilot province“Hacı Yusuf Eryazğan, the Vice President of the Federation of Family Physicians Associations, said,”In Aydın, BioNTech vaccine can now be made in family health centers. pilot implementation the information that it will be started has arrivedHe said that with the spread of the application to 81 provinces, vaccination studies can be carried out throughout the society.

According to the data shared by the Ministry of Health, the number of people with two doses of coronavirus in Turkey is 12 million. When we include people who have been infected with the disease before There are 17 million people who are immune to COVID-19 in Turkey. we can say As of June, the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine is planned for 30 million people.

Considering that antibodies begin to form in 10-14 days after the vaccine is administered and that the BioNTech vaccine has high protection even in a single dose, it is approximately in Turkey as of the second half of July. 50 million people will be immune to COVID-19 and we can say that we can start discussing social immunity.

We could have a winter without full closure spoken


The Ministry of Health’s transition to a vaccination study to be administered by family physicians means that first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccines can be administered quickly. 90 million dose agreement signed with BionTech, 45 million people to be vaccinated with two doses each can provide.

Therefore, the total number of COVID-19-immunized people in Turkey by the autumn months can approach 60 million, and the next autumn and winter months are safer, without a total closure we can pass.

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