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“With the Remote Labs method, it is not just the pandemic measures that can be met. Another advantage is that the test persons shop in their home atmosphere with their own devices for testing purposes. The user experience can be observed via a camera connection: the click behavior is documented and the user behavior can be viewed holistically via supporting questions in an interview, ”explains Karen Cavallaro, Head of UX at Best IT.

The e-commerce agency implements innovative and customer-oriented web shop projects for leading companies from all industries and the B2B and B2C sectors. Remote User Labs are ideally suited to optimize companies in the fast-moving consumer products (FMCG) sectors: Fashion and consumer electronics are leading – in these areas the customer wants to find the optimal goods quickly, obstacles are often canceled with cancellation.

Remote labs accompany the shop lifecycle

The remote test technology can be used both in the discovery phase to analyze user needs and as part of further usability tests during the shop lifecycle to verify functional and visual aspects of new features. The analyzes are not based on mass and representative data, but on derivations that are qualitative in nature.

Best IT Cavallaro
Karen Cavallaro is Head of UX at Best IT. (Image: Best IT)

“Operators of an online shop know their customers in principle. With the website or the shop, however, the understanding of the customer who doesn’t know the shop inside and out is often lost. In addition to qualitative analyzes in the Thinking Aloud process, we also use quantitative methods such as data from Google Analytics and other web tracking tools and monitor click and reading behavior with heat maps. This creates an optimal overall picture of customer behavior on the website, ”reports Karen Cavallaro. The feedback from Best IT customers about the service is positive and provides a valuable basis for well-founded optimizations in order to offer web shoppers the best possible comfort and emotional experience.

Real response instead of sterile results

A conventional usability lab – in which the test subject and the team sit in one room – can also achieve sterile results under certain circumstances. Unlike in the laboratory environment, the test subjects move around in their familiar environment during the remote phase and use the same devices as for private shopping. Nevertheless, the journey through the shop can be followed seamlessly until check-out – under completely real living conditions.

“In fact, we were also able to determine that some behaviors or comments would not have taken place in a laboratory,” says Cavallaro. The test subjects are specifically recruited for the customer in accordance with the target group definition – this is not a test group that has already had experience with usability tests. In addition to the live test scenarios, the sessions are also recorded by Remote Labs and are available to the customer.

the Best IT AG is an e-commerce agency and has been successfully digitizing retail since it was founded in 2000. The agency works with partners such as Spryker, Commercetools and Shopware and creates convincing digital customer experiences. To this end, the teams develop sustainable solutions for the entire digital retail value chain. This ranges from strategy and consulting to user experience and design to the development and operation of e-commerce platforms. (sg)

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