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The new tool Flexport order management (OM) facilitates real-time cooperation with suppliers, so that those responsible for logistics and suppliers can plan, control and optimize their booking processes more effectively. Thus, the tool for order management represents an important milestone on the way to a seamlessly digitized supply chain dar: The provision of a central platform through which all processes – from ordering to transport to delivery of goods – can be carried out consistently and without interruption.

Order management: efficient processing of bookings

Within the Flexport platform, the new OM tool offers companies and their suppliers the opportunity to work together on the order level in a more direct and detailed manner than ever before. Logistics managers can use automated notifications, reminders, and approval processes to manage the entire Processing of your bookings Control and monitor reliably in every phase and thus make it more efficient. All SKU and unit cost information belonging to an order is automatically linked to the respective bookings and shipments in the platform.

Flexport OM simplifies the cooperation with suppliers and improves through four new key functions not only the timing of the booking placement, but also ensures that all shipment data is correct:

  • Date management: With Flexport OM, the tedious manual tracking of ongoing orders is no longer necessary: ​​logistics managers receive an automatic notification of every shipment milestone – by email, in-app alert or directly on their individually configured dashboard. The overview can also be filtered at any time according to the desired criteria and exceptions.
  • Booking Approval: Logistics managers can configure and track individual booking approval processes with Flexport OM-Tool: Orders can be compared with the booking specifications at any time, and in the event of deviations, companies have direct access to the booking workflow in order to inform their suppliers immediately.
  • PO reporting: With Flexport OM you can evaluate and analyze important key figures down to the order level, whether for products in transit, for delivery quantities, for supplier performance, for comparing orders and deliveries or for cost of goods. This gives companies an even more comprehensive real-time insight into the processes within their supply chain.
  • API / EDI integrations: The tool offers a variety of interfaces for direct data integration in different systems: Companies can use these integrations free of charge to integrate the various order and shipment data directly into their ERP systems. This means that all stakeholders are easily up to date at all times.

Get an insight into the supply chain before booking

“In an increasingly complex supply chain, Flexport OM not only simplifies life for us, Globe Electric, but also life for our suppliers,” said Jason Starr, Director of Operations at Globe Electric, one of the first customers to test Flexport OM. “With this new innovative technology, we are now able to gain insight into our supply chain before booking. Real-time coordination with our overseas suppliers and exception management give us the opportunity to make timely and well-founded decisions. The best thing about this new function is that Flexport developed it not only for its customers, but with its customers, taking feedback directly into account. ”

Order management is based on user analysis and customer feedback

Flexport’s order management was developed on the basis of extensive customer analyzes and direct feedback. Due to the close cooperation in the development phase of the tool and large-scale beta tests with Flexport customers and suppliers, the wishes and requirements of future users could be incorporated from the start. Real-time collaboration at PO level has never been more important than it is today for companies and suppliers who have to safely control complex supply chains even in volatile times.

The practical test by the pilot customers showed that over 70 percent of them immediately used the tool to communicate with their suppliers. The improved opportunities for cooperation can also be used on the supplier side: in the pilot phase, the participating suppliers already booked 73 percent of the shipments directly via the Flexport OM tool, so that the recipients have complete transparency at the order and SKU level during the entire shipment process received.

Order management Flexport
Flexport OM: overview of orders. (Images: Flexport)

“Flexport Order Management starts at a time that is characterized by unprecedented freight volumes and capacity bottlenecks – a time in which a single faulty PO can lead to a shipment missing a time-critical deadline or causing additional costs,” explains Janis Bargsten, General Manager of Flexport in Germany. “The freight orders managed via the Flexport platform have increased by 96 percent compared to the previous year. As the volume increases, however, a flawless PO discipline becomes more and more difficult. Centralized, rule-based tools such as Flexport OM offer more efficient collaboration and agility, which we urgently need in turbulent times like today – this is also an essential key factor for our product vision. ”

Flexport is a new generation freight forwarder and combines many years of logistics expertise, technology and infrastructure on a digital platform on which all transport data can be viewed easily and transparently. Complex supply chain decisions can be made quickly. Today, the company networks over 10,000 customers and suppliers in 116 countries, including established brands and start-ups. (sg)

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