New Update to Brawls Stars Called Gold Arm Gang


Brawl Stars, one of the most popular games on the mobile platform, has received a new update that will delight fans as of April 12. With the new update called Golden Arm Gang, two new warriors named Belle and Squeak were added to the game, while dozens of costumes were presented to the players.

The name behind successful games such as Clash of Clans and Hay Day Supercellbrought a new update to Brawl Stars, one of their favorite games, as of April 12th. With the new update released, the Brawl Stars two new warriors and dozens of different costumes While being added, improvements were made to the in-game visualizations.

Two new warriors named Belle and Squeak have been added in the new update called the Golden Arm Gang (#goldarmgang). Belle A chromatic warrior while Squeak is confronted as Part of the Star Wars triad became.

Let’s get to know the new warriors Belle and Squeak

Brawl Stars Belle

Chromatic warrior Belle Shocking, Positive Return and You Are Banned endowed with powers that take his name. While the Shocker, in the main attack category, consists of long-range electro arrows, Belle prevents her opponents from reloading, thanks to her Positive Turn and Banned powers. shield wins.

The new warrior has two more strengths. The first of these is the lookout signal causing the opponent to take more damage Trap accessory that explodes when the scout and the other are triggered by enemies.


When we look at Squeak, which has become part of the Star Wars triad, it explodes shortly after the new warrior clings to the ground or on enemies. bomb attack we see that he has. Squeak, which consists of the drooling Ruff left on his toys, Chain Reaction and Super Sticky Thanks to his powers, he can increase the damage he deals to the enemy and slow them down at the same time.

Squeak, after launching sticky bombs thanks to his super power into six parts and thus damages a wider area. When it is using the tension accessory, the range of his next main attack can expand.

Other innovations with the Golden Arm Gang update

Golden Arm Gang

Players who want to watch their superior performance while playing Brawl Stars, fast forward and rewind feature They will be able to access the most important moments in the game again. At the same time, through the Education Store Trophy Road Warriors and Brawl Pass Warriors They will be able to view locked items such as.

Requirements to have new costumes;

  • Arch Enemy Bea | Supercell MAKE: 79 Diamonds
  • Neko Bea: 79 Elmas
  • Gold Neko Bea: 149 Diamonds
  • Lantern Sandy: 149 Diamonds
  • Marshal Ruffs: 79 Diamonds
  • Golden El Belle: Brawl Pass (level 70)
  • Musketeer Colt: Brawl Pass (level 1)
  • Bar Fixtures 8-Bit Power League: 25,000 Star Points
  • Quick Musketeer Edgar: 79 Diamonds
  • Tara Foe of Fortune: 149 Diamonds
  • Amber de la Vega: 149 Elmas
  • Handmade Surge: 49 Diamonds
  • Pure Silver / Gold 10,000 / 25,000 Gold; Nita, Spike, Gene

To download Brawl Stars from the Google Play Store here, Also for download from the App Store here you can click.