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Addison OneClick already offers the possibility of digital collaboration with the client on a secure online platform. Tax consultants can very easily individualize these and thus emphasize the client relationship in digital contact. In addition to numerous applications for document submission and / or document parking, solutions for digital evaluations are available. Of the Exchange of receipts and documents is just as seamless as online banking and the digital notification of master data changes, wage and salary movements or time records in the wage and salary area.

Fully integrated premium partner applications expand the functionality of your own apps – the client only needs to log on to the platform of his tax advisor to use these apps. The new version of Addison OneClick now strengthens these collaborative functions. The most important new features of Addison OneClick at a glance:

Addison OneClick Receipt Workflow supports seamless receipt processing

The existing options for exchanging documents have been optimized and expanded: With the Addison OneClick document workflow, clients can now also send documents directly to tax advisors via smartphone. This addresses clients who do not have a scanner or who can get along better with a smartphone than with other hardware: The client scans or photographs receipts and sends them to the tax advisor, who processes them via the topic manager. The new document workflow is available immediately.

Addison OneClick Wolters Kluwer
Addison OneClick offers numerous functions for collaboration between law firm and client. (Graphic: Wolters Kluwer)

Digital tax files – future-proof today

The solution for the classic income tax mandate brings a special innovation: Receipts that clients enter via a mobile app or via the receipt workflow can be provided directly for the digital tax file. The digital tax file ensures a high level of transparency, links receipts with the tax case and makes filing easier for the client thanks to ready-made formulations. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting takes the digitization of financial administration – projects such as DIVA, RABE or NACHDIGAL – into account and offers customers a future-proof solution. At the request of the tax office, the advisor can simply provide the receipts. The digital tax file with manual upload and the apps for the document workflow are now available.

Addison Smart Connect and Smart Box

As part of Addison Smart Connect, Wolter Kluwer Tax & Accounting presented numerous interfaces and premium partners as early as 2019. The provider is now expanding this offer: In the future, numerous additional interfaces to various online applications as well as two new premium partner solutions with Circula and Sewobe will be available. Customers can currently access almost 20 interfaces, from Lexoffice to Billomat to FIBUdata.

As a further innovation, the company is completing the Addison Smart Connect range with the “Addison Smart Box”. The box supplements the previously available document archive and now no longer only processes documents from external systems, but also represents the central document archive for all general ledger documents of the clients – regardless of whether these were digitized by the client or in the tax office. Addison Smart Connect saves the accounting documents in an audit-proof manner and makes them available in a searchable archive.

“We build them Addison OneClick platform and enable law firms to collaborate seamlessly with their clients, ”explains Stefan Wahle, Managing Director of Wolters Kluwer Software und Service GmbH. “To do this, we rely on the digitization of the receipt workflow, numerous interfaces to applications and partners, as well as the consistent integration of the client, for example in wage entry. The result is a modern, reliable and innovative law firm solution that ensures efficiency and smooth processes. “

Wolters Kluwer Software and Service Wahle
Stefan Wahl is Managing Director of Wolters Kluwer Software und Service GmbH.

At the beginning of February 2021, the Wolters Kluwer Software and Service GmbH nominated by the BVMW Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises for the Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Companies Since 1995, the Oskar Petzelt Foundation has awarded this prize nationwide to medium-sized companies with excellent performance. Stefan Wahle comments: “We are very pleased about the nomination, which we see as recognition of our work over the past few years. The German middle class is and will remain a cornerstone of our economy and we are proud to support it with our solutions in the area of ​​financial and payroll accounting – especially during the Corona crisis. “

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