New World’s Open Beta Date Announced


It was shared today when the open beta process of Amazon’s highly anticipated open world MMO game New World will begin. The open beta process of the game, which will be completely free, starts on September 9.

The open world MMO game that Amazon has already made a name for itself in the game industry New Worldappeared today with an exciting trailer and announcement. Amazon is currently in closed beta with a limited number of players. When will open beta explained.

According to the announcement made by Amazon, the open beta process of New World, 9 September day It will start at 17.00 Turkish time. The process will end on September 12 at 09:59 CEST. Players who want to participate in the open beta process that will take place between these dates will be able to create a request for access on September 8 at 17:00. All the details about the open beta, in summary, are as follows:

amazon new world

  • Servers in North America, Europe, Australia and South America will be up.
  • It will be possible to record and share in the open beta version.
  • The open beta will be held via Steam’s Playtest feature.
  • The test will be completely free.

The new trailer has also arrived:

In addition to the open beta process, Amazon also shared a new trailer from the game. New World: Chart Your Fate The trailer named (New World: Draw Your Destiny) included in-game images. As we understand from these images, the world of the game will indeed be extremely large and will offer a live world experience.

New World will not be a free game. The game is currently in Turkey Prices starting from 109 TL can be pre-ordered. The release date of the game was announced as September 28, 2021. You can use the link below to reach our news where we have listed all the details about New World.


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