Newcomers to space travel: Taiwanese company plans to launch its own rocket in Australia


The only five-year-old space company “Taiwan Innovative Space” (Tispace) has received approval from the Australian authorities for the first test flight of a self-developed rocket. The start is planned for the current year. Neither country has yet launched its own rockets or organized any rocket launches.

With “Hapith I” the propulsion, control, telemetry and structure of this rocket planned for commercial use will be tested. explained Tispace in a press release. In commercial use, it should be able to transport satellites and constellations with a weight of up to 390 kilograms into an orbit of a maximum height of 700 kilometers.

The missile itself is according to information from Taiwan News 10 meters high, 1.5 meters wide and weighs three tons when it takes off. In 2020, Tispace had already planned a rocket launch in Taiwan. This was initially postponed due to legal issues and then canceled at the last minute due to bad weather.

Taiwan developed its own space industry late and slowly. In May of this year, however, a space development law was passed to promote the national space program. Taiwan has not yet launched any missiles in its own country. It circling loudly Techcrunch though some Taiwanese satellites around the earth, but these were last launched into orbits by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

For Australia, the missile test is also the entry point into commercial space travel, as the country only set up a national space agency in 2018. The Tispace missile is scheduled to take off from a new launch base in the southeastern state of New South Wales. Approval for this facility had only been granted last month.


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