NFC Supported Figures Added to 'Minecraft Earth'


Minecraft Earth, which is one of the most successful examples of Augmented Reality (AR) games, which has increased in popularity recently, brings Minecraft to the real world as it is known. NFC supported figures added to the game seem to bring Minecraft Earth one step closer to the real world.

With the development of technology, the game developers, who started to use their possibilities more efficiently, have brought a whole new dimension to the game world in recent years. One of the recent changes we've seen in the game world Augmented Reality (AR) games were. Developers who want to see Pokemon Go's success and move to this area, Minecraft earth They undersigned successful works such as.

Pokemon Go Minecraft Earth, a game that does not require going out like this, started to appeal to wider audiences than Pokemon game with this feature. The improvements added by the developers also increased the popularity of the game. our Country early access The last change added to Minecraft Earth is NFC supported figures.

NFC supported figuresTakes Minecraft Earth one step closer to the real world:

Minecraft earth figure

The main characters of the game Steve and Alex as well as figures that bring animals such as ducks, cows, rabbits to the real world, NFC feature When transferred to the game with a device that has a device, both the skill locks will be unlocked and the player will gain XP.

Prices of these figures, which will be released in the spring $ 5 (about $ 30) it will be. The figures will first be presented to players in 20 different ways, and users will be able to choose between 10 different abilities.


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Toy Fair 2020 These figures, which were unveiled at the toy fair, have already attracted great interest from the actors. You can improve your Minecraft Earth experience by purchasing them after the figures are released. Finally, now in early access Minecraft Earth You can use the links below to download to your device, and to get more detailed information about Minecraft Earth, the game's official website from here You can reach.