Ninja Shared Phone Number With Twitter Followers

Ninja, who was once Twitch's one of the most popular Mixer names, shared his phone number on Twitter. However, it was understood that this was a marketing strategy.

World-renowned professional Fortnite player Ninja is closely followed by almost all gamers. Moreover, Ninja not only succeeds in admiring its followers with its professional acting but also with its colorful personality.

Ninja attracts attention with its high number of followers on live broadcast platforms and has 4.7 million followers on Twitter. In a normal situation that no one would do, Ninja shared his mobile phone number with his Twitter followers.


Ninja, the number of people who will reach him through the answer and send them a variety of content, he said. It is not clear how many people will respond, but the reason behind Ninja's phone number became clear in a short time.

Here's the Ninja's phone number:

ninja phone number

The reason behind the Ninja's move was in fact a marketing strategy. Those who sent any messages to Ninja's mobile phone number actually received messages from an automatic text messaging service, not the Ninja. The message receives a redirect link to Ninja's "" page, and requests that the message be sent. Following this link, people's messages are answered. Here's an example:

ninja message


Ninja Wins 1 Million Followers Only 5 Days After Switching to Mixer

When someone sends a message to Ninja's phone number "Is this Tyler?" and a link is sent first. Then, in a second message sent "Yes that's me. Make sure you reach the address on the link and save your information so we can talk." expressions can be seen clearly.