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When it comes to viral marketing, Nintendo and Apple are at the forefront, and both companies are perceived particularly positively. The number of references, such as websites or social media posts, that revolve around the tech company, including all interactions such as comments, likes and links, is even higher at Apple than at the competition. In the “Viral Brands 2020” study, positive and negative posts and interactions offset.

This is the tonality balance that Nintendo does best. For the study by Faktenkontor and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), contributions and mentions of companies and brands on German-language news sites, in forums, blogs, press releases and social media channels were evaluated.

Viral Marketing Faktenkontor
The top 5 brands with positive and negative tonality. (Graphic: Faktenkontor)

Viral Marketing: Get a positive response on the web

“The past year was special. Digital companies with a consumer focus have benefited greatly from the Corona crisis. Virality is the gold standard of online communication. Whoever is talked about well sells well, ”explains Roland Heintze, managing partner of Faktenkontor GmbH.

As the study also shows, companies that are often criticized, such as Amazon and Huawei, are among the top 10 when it comes to a predominantly positive response on the Internet. Mercedes, Zara, Vorwerk Thermomix, Samsung and Audi also make it into the top ten brands. Other companies fail to turn their popularity into a positive through viral marketing. The tonality balance slips into the negative.

Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn not only suffered enormous financial losses in the year of the Corona crisis, their reputation on the Internet also suffered. If their brand names spread on the Internet in the past year, it was mostly with rather negative statements. Only the scandalous, now insolvent company Wirecard performs even worse.

On the methodology of the study “Viral Brands 2020”

The study “Viral Brands 2020” was carried out by Factual account and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) carried out in which from January to September 2020 news sites, websites, forums, blogs, press releases, consumer sites and social media channels on almost 17,000 brands and companies on the German-speaking web were examined. For this purpose, the IMWF carried out a two-stage social listening analysis. The first step is to collect the data.

The study partner Ubermetrics Technologies has summarized all German-language and freely accessible online texts that are relevant in this context in a database. The final analysis included the 100 brands with the most mentions and interactions such as comments, likes and links. In total, these brands came to almost 100 million posts and interactions in the survey period, which were sent to the big data specialists Beck et al. Services have been transmitted. With the help of artificial intelligence, the contributions could be sorted in a sentiment analysis with regard to a positive, neutral or negative tonality.

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