Nintendo Switch: BEUC files EU complaint against drifting Joy-Con

The European consumer association BEUC has lodged a complaint against Nintendo with the EU Commission. This is about the so-called Joy-Con drift, which is familiar to many owners of the Switch hybrid console: Due to a defect in the controller called “Joy-Con”, the characters move without any input from the user. This makes video games unplayable.

The BEUC throws Nintendo in that Letter of complaint, which is addressed to the EU consumer protection CPC, among other things “early obsolescence”: In over 88 percent of the cases, the Joy-Con drift occurs after less than two years. This means that buyers of a switch often have to buy new controllers after a short time.

The consumer association calls on the EU Commission to investigate the problem across Europe. Nintendo must also be encouraged to fix the bug in its Switch consoles. Until then, the Joy-Con controllers would have to be repaired free of charge.

In fact, Nintendo seems to repair some of the gamepads affected by the Joy-Con drift outside of the warranty period for free. At least some users who have noticed the error report this. However, Nintendo has never committed to free repairs – although the company has already publicly acknowledged the error.

“Nintendo now has to find the right solution to the problem that affects thousands of consumers,” writes BEUC director Monique Goyens in a press release. The consumer association is made up of independent consumer organizations in the European Union. According to the press release, these organizations have received a total of 25,000 complaints about drifting Joy-Con.

In addition to the original version of the Switch released in 2017, the Switch Lite from 2019 is also affected by the Joy-Con drift. The Lite version hits the problem particularly hard: Here the Joy-Con are permanently installed and cannot be left without Exchange more.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles in the history of the Japanese game company. It has been sold over 70 million times worldwide. According to rumors, Nintendo is currently working on a new version of the Switch, which, among other things, should offer a higher resolution.


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