Nissan and Honda Merger Plans Revealed


It turns out that Japan’s two major automotive manufacturers Honda and Nissan have been planning a merger for a while. Although the companies do not lean towards this merger, it is requested by the Japanese government.

One of the most famous names in the Japanese government’s automotive industry Nissan and HondaIt turned out that he had plans to unite. In this new era, when the industry is preparing to produce autonomous and electric vehicles, new technologies R & D processes are also extremely costly. For this reason, we have previously seen that many automotive companies reduce this cost by combining their forces.

Among them especially PSA Group and Fit Chrysler. Apart from these, it is already known that many automobile companies have joined forces by establishing new partnerships. Finally, it turned out that such a process had passed between Nissan and Honda, the two major automakers. Financial TimesAccording to the news made by the Japanese government, the company made a proposal to the company officials for the merger of Nissan and Honda. This proposal, made by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe himself, Renault It was made against the possibility of breakdown of the agreement between.

Companies are reluctant to merge

Although the Japanese government wants the two big companies to merge, according to reports, Honda and Nissan officials do not lean towards such a merger. also coronaviruses The impact of the pandemic on the automobile industry has also caused this plan to be shelved for now.


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Although it seems that there will not be an agreement on this issue for now, we can see that companies are more keen to join forces soon with the effect of the pandemic. So do you think it would be the right decision for Nissan and Honda to join forces? You can send us your thoughts in the comments section.