Nissan may be the company to produce Apple’s car


It is said that the company that will implement Apple’s automobile project may be Nissan. The claim, which came up for the first time recently, seems to be supported by some statements made by Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida. However, no official statement has been made for now.

In our news that we have shared with you for a while, Apple’s from the automobile project we are talking about. In fact, the details of the project, which emerged years ago but did not receive an official statement, have finally come to light. According to the information obtained, Apple, which has a completely electric motor and possibly autonomous He is designing a car and working on determining the lucky company that will produce this car.

The first name to come up with Apple’s automobile project, South Korean it was the automaker Hyundai. However, it was later revealed that Kia Motors, one of the sub-companies of Hyundai, not Hyundai, would produce this car. However, it was stated that Apple, which was disturbed by the statements made by Kia Motors, canceled the agreement. After all, Apple has started the automobile project as a trying to keep it secret Kia Motors had announced a meeting with Apple. Now, a new name has begun to stand out in this regard.

Nissan could be company to produce Apple’s cars

Nissan could produce Apple's car

As a matter of fact, a few days ago Nissan The allegations that Apple had a meeting with Apple had been heard. However, we did not share this development with you due to lack of resources. Nissan held a meeting today to explain its quarterly financial position. CEO speaking at this meeting Makoto UchidaEven if he did not confirm that they were meeting with Apple, he clearly stated that he had some plans.


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According to Uchida’s statements, the automobile industry is changing more and more every day. Stating that they want to be a part of this change, the CEO, that new initiatives need to be made expressed. Not content with that, Uchida has knowledge and competence He made important implications by saying that they should work by establishing partnerships with companies with good experience.

It is said that Apple is interested in Japanese manufacturers

Nissan Leaf

How good Japanese automakers are in the industry is already well known. Being aware of this situation, Apple’s HondaIt is said that it is in negotiations with at least 6 companies, including manufacturers such as Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan. In this context, Honda and Mazda said they would not make any explanation about the issue, while Nissan avoided the questions posed. Mitsubishi explained that these rumors were unfounded.

Nissan is one of the important names in the industry in terms of electric motor cars. Leaf Successfully marketing its electric motor vehicle, which it named as, the company succeeded in making this vehicle the fourth best-selling electric motor vehicle in the world in 2019. The fact that the car, which is being developed by Apple, can be produced by Nissan, is for the sector. it won’t be a big surprise.

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