No New Weapons in Season 5 of Apex Legends


A developer from Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Apex Legends, has confirmed that there will be no new weapon in the 5th season of the game. Season 5 will begin soon.

In recent years, we see that many games have seasons logic. Especially free to play Game developers are often preparing new seasons to keep the interest and spending alive.

Apex Legends is also one of the games with seasons. The 5th season of the game will start just a few days later. The game in the new season Loba A character named, the new PvE Seasonal Challenges and a new region to explore The Salvage eWill Klenor. On the other hand, we will not see new weapons this season.

Respawn confirmed the employee

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Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment who is a developer working in Chad ArmstrongMade statements about the fifth season of the game on Twitter. In the first post the Lobau that he joined the game, had new PvE missions and the Skulltown The developer, who stated that there was a giant crater where he was, then answered some questions.


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Armstrong said that he received many questions about new weapons, this season. new weapons will not come He expressed. Although this statement disappointed some of the players, it is quite normal for the company to take this decision when there are new characters and maps.

No new weapon for the first time

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on the other hand Apex LegendsEvery season came with a new weapon. The fifth season is in this sense first will also be alive. This statement is also in Titanfall 2, which we encountered in the past. Volt LMGs rumors that he was going to be added to the game.


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Information that Volt LMGs will be added to the game with data mining It was stated that the epic coatings of these weapons that were expected since the release of the game were also included in the codes. As a result, the possibility of adding Volt LMG at some point in the game still exists however, it does not seem to happen this season.

Apex Legends What do you think about? Have you played the game? If you had a choice, would you choose new missions and a map or a new weapon?

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