Nokia is suing smartphone maker Oppo for patent infringement


Nokia is suing Oppo for patent infringement. The Finnish telecommunications group confirmed this to the news platform Light Reading. Thereafter, Oppo continues to use technology from license agreements concluded in 2018, although the license agreement expired in June. There were also reports on Twitter.

According to Nokia, the group has tried to update these agreements to also cover 5G uses and expand them accordingly. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer refused. Nokia is now taking Oppo to court in Great Britain, France, Germany and India.

Nokia’s allegations concern several patents that are important for the 5G wireless standard as well as patents for interface and security technologies.

Nokia is one of the big patent holders and earned 1.5 billion euros in license income last year. The company has license agreements with companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Apple and Blackberry (!).

Patent applications for mobile communications

Patent applications for mobile communications

By 2021, Nokia has registered a total of 123,240 patents relating to the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G cellular standards.

(Image: Statista (2021))

The market researcher PA Consulting counted a total of 3500 standard essential patent families in April 2021. Nokia carefully guards its patents and one reads again and again that the Finnish company takes alleged patent infringers to court.

Such proceedings against Lenovo only ended in an out-of-court settlement in April. This was preceded by a victory by Nokia in a German court that threw some Lenovo products off the market. There was also a legal dispute with Daimler that lasted for years. Here, too, an out-of-court agreement was reached on licensing that pours Nokia 2 US dollars per vehicle into the cash register, which uses navigation and vehicle communication systems.

After the once successful smartphone manufacturer Huawei is currently less economically successful due to the US ban on Google services on its smartphones, the Chinese manufacturer Oppo has made up positions in the sales ranking and is currently in fourth place worldwide, behind Samsung, Apple and only completely just behind Xiaomi. The market researchers at IDC put Oppo’s market share in the first quarter of 2021 at 10.8 percent. In China, Oppo is even at the forefront.

Oppo and Xiaomi apparently benefited from the US ban on Huawei.

(Image: Statista (2021))

In view of the course of action so far, it is not unlikely that courts will rule in favor of the Finnish company in the Oppo case as well.

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