Non-consensual sex videos: 34 women are suing Pornhub company

More than 30 women take action against non-consensual sex videos on the porn site Pornhub. They are suing parent company Mindgeek, which owns more than 100 websites with pornographic content. “The lawsuit alleges that Pornhub and MindGeek knowingly profited from videos showing rape, child sexual exploitation, revenge porn, human trafficking and other non-consensual sexual content,” Brown Rudnick said on Thursday on behalf of the plaintiffs.

The firm, with offices in Los Angeles, Montreal and Luxembourg, among others, dismissed allegations of the company’s criminal nature as “absurd”. “Pornhub does not tolerate illegal content and is investigating all complaints or allegations about content on our platforms,” ​​it said in a statement.

“This is about rape, not pornography. It is about rape and sexual exploitation of children. It is about rape and sexual exploitation of men and women,” says the lawsuit (Case 2: 21-cv-04920), filed in a court in California. Pornhub and other sites would have used the abuse of tens of thousands of people to make a profit.

Pornhub and other MindGeek sites have been under pressure for quite some time since reports of underage videos caused outrage. The consequences were, among other things, that Visa and Mastercard terminated their cooperation with Pornhub. The operators said they had removed millions of videos.


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