Nostalgic G3 Color Options Can Also Be Bred To MacBooks


Last month, it was claimed that the 2021 model iMacs will be offered for sale with nostalgic color options that will resemble the iMac G3; After the introduction, the claim was justified. The person who made the claim directed the same claim this time to laptop models. According to Jon Prosser, known for Apple leaks, 2021 MacBooks will have color options of the 2021 model iMac.

An explanation about the new MacBooks came from a name that was not mistaken in the information he gave about Apple. Allegedly, the new MacBooks will be available in many color options. The colors set for the devices may be similar to those of iMacs introduced last month.

His Apple leaks have been justified over and over again Jon Prosserannounced that different color options will be offered in the new generation MacBook devices. From the iMac series offered for sale with nostalgic color options The subsequent statement sparked the idea that similar colors could also be applied to notebook devices.

The iMac claim turned out to be true

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Jon Prosser made a similar statement last month and was right. It took place a while after Prosser announced that the new generation iMacs will come with nostalgic color options. ‘Spring Loaded’ At the event, Apple justified the leaks by introducing iMacs that come in 7 color options. The same person made the same claim this time for the 2021 MacBooks. Cosmetic changes applied to iMacs are expected to be applied to notebook devices as well.

Other expected changes in models

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The changes expected to come to the next generation MacBooks are not just cosmetic. According to observers, the new MacBook Air is Apple’s own production With M1 chips with ARM architecture the future. We will probably see what the MacBook Air will look like at the release, which is expected to be made this year.

Apple is expected to have released the next generation MacBook Pros by the end of this year. MagSafe The physical inputs of the devices to be equipped with charging technology will be increased. Also new M1X or M2 MacBook Pro, where chips will be used, will have a noticeable evolution in terms of performance.

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