Notebook: Apple introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple's new MacBook Pro achieves a slightly larger screen size than its predecessor 16-inch model. The resolution is 3,072 x 1,920 pixels (pixel density of 226 ppi). The displays are factory calibrated to gamma, white point and primary colors, the manufacturer said.

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The new MacBook Pro, which replaces the previous 15.4-inch models, is Intel's new 6 and 8-core processors 9th generation to get with turbo boost speeds of up to 5 GHz. It can be factory-equipped with up to 64 GB of RAM. Add to this a graphics solution (AMD Radeon Pro 5000M) with up to 8 GB of VRAM.

The notebook comes with a 100 Wh battery and can be equipped with SSDs with up to 8 TB of storage capacity. Apple states that the MacBook Pro runs 16 inches up to an hour longer than the previous MacBook Pro 15.4 inches. It is not possible to upgrade the SSD or the RAM afterwards.

16-inch MacBook Pro (Image: Apple)

The keyboard is not equipped, as in the predecessor models with the very error-prone butterfly, but again with a scissors mechanism. In all three predecessor models dust quickly fell under the keys, which had a very small stroke and thus easily blocked. The new MacBook Pro again has a 1 mm stroke. As usual, there is a touch bar, the fingerprint reader Touch ID and a trackpad. It should be emphasized that Apple again installed a physical escape key. So far, this was only integrated as a virtual button in the Touch Bar.

The MacBook Pro 16 inches costs in Germany in the basic configuration with 2.6 GHz 6-core processor, 512 GB of storage space and AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 2,700 euros. This is not more expensive than the previous 15.4-inch model, especially since Apple has improved the equipment, but it is still a lot of money.

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