Notebook boom in the corona pandemic continues to drive Intel’s business


The chip giant Intel continues to benefit from the increased demand for PCs in the corona pandemic. In the past quarter alone, Intel sold 40 percent more notebook processors than a year earlier. At the same time, however, the data center business declined year on year. Nevertheless, Intel is raising its sales forecast for the full year 2021 and giving a little insight into the current production progress.

the Consolidated sales remained virtually unchanged at $ 19.6 billionas the company announced on Thursday after the US market closed. The profit was almost at the previous year’s level with a minus of 0.8 percent to $ 5.06 billion. However, Intel had forecast sales of $ 18.9 billion for the second quarter in April, so its own expectations were exceeded.

Intel’s gross margin has recovered on both a quarterly and yearly basis. At 57.1 percent, it is almost 2 percentage points higher than in the first quarter and almost 4 percentage points higher than in the same period last year. Intel’s gross margin has been fluctuating more than usual lately – it usually goes down with new product launches – but it’s increased now as Intel had a very profitable quarter.

The revenues of the PC division of the group rose in view of the lower average prices of chips sold with a plus of 6.4 percent to 10.1 billion dollars, significantly less than the number of units. Revenue in the business with data centers fell within a year by 9.3 percent to 6.45 billion dollars. Intel recently got more competition in this area – and sees the initially skyrocketed demand for new servers in the Corona crisis partially saturated.

Intel boss Pat Gelsinger stated in the context of the announcement of the quarterly figures that Intel excellent advances in 7 nanometer manufacturing make. In addition, Intel currently manufactures more chips in the 10- than in the 14-nanometer process, which improves the cost-effectiveness of production. 10 nanometer wafers would now cost 45 percent less than last year.

In view of the already announced next generation of processors “Alder Lake”, Gelsinger expects several million copies to be shipped by the end of this year. He also confirmed that “Meteor Lake” processors will go into production in 2023 as planned. “Meteor Lake” are Intel’s first 7 nanometer chips.

For the third quarter that started in July, Intel expects sales of $ 19.1 billion, which would be 800 million more than in the same period last year. For the full year 2021, Intel is raising its sales forecast from $ 77 to 77.6 billion. Despite the positive outlook, investors temporarily dropped Intel shares by a good two percent in after-hours trading. (with material from dpa) /


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