Now available: Arduino IDE 2.0 in the beta version


Whether ESP8266, ESP32 or even the Raspberry Pi Pico – those who program microcontrollers usually rely on the free Arduino programming environment. Thanks to numerous, easy-to-integrate libraries and extensive board support, the IDE has become an integral part of the maker community, even if the exciting boards are now from other manufacturers. As of today, the open source IDE is now available in the long-awaited version 2.0, at least as a beta version.

When Arduino promises new features First, improvements to the user interface, such as auto-completion of available variables and functions and the collapse of program sections. Using the context menu, it should be possible, for example, to jump back to the declaration of variables. The second big innovation is the Live Debugger, which is supposed to replace the cumbersome control outputs via the serial monitor. It currently works with the boards of the SAMD and Mbed platforms, i.e. the MKR family, the new nano boards as well as Portenta and Zero. A guide to be published soon is intended to make it easier for third-party providers to integrate their own boards.

Screenshot der Arduino IDE.

New and yet familiar, the revised user interface of the Arduino programming environment

At first glance, the new editor looks very similar to the old one, for example the bar with the buttons for checking and uploading the code has been retained. The board to be programmed can now be set there directly. The sidebar is new, with debugging, the board and the library manager, which offers three useful functions and also refers to the setting options. Somewhat confusing: About File / Preferences there are other settings, including finally a dark mode and the input field to specify additional board administrator URLs.

More from Make

More from Make

The beta software is available now downloaded from the Arduino website, In addition to a version for Windows 10, a 64-bit version for Linux and MacOS from Mojave (10.14) is also available. When installing on Windows, we received a warning from Windows Defender that prevented it from starting. about Further information you get to the button, however Run anywayto start the installation.


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