Nugget Among Us Character Sold for $100K

A nugget in the shape of Among Us, which came out of McDonald’s menu in the past days, attracted great attention on social media. This nugget, which was put up for auction on e-Bay, found a buyer for a stunning price of 100 thousand dollars.

popular recently Among Us a nugget that resembles the characters of the game e-Bay We mentioned that it was on sale. It turns out that quite a lot of people use this nugget. wants.

The sale on e-Bay has finally ended. This nugget, which came out of the McDonald’s menu and became very popular on social media because it resembles the Among Us character, astonishing found a buyer.

Is this money given to a nugget?

Among Us nugget

The nugget offered for sale on e-Bay is exactly $ 99,997 found a buyer. full with shipping fee $ 100,000 this nugget holding, probably most expensive in the world It also went down in history as a nugget. The seller carefully checks the nugget before shipping. will be frozen, to its new owner fresh He says he will get there somehow.

When Nugget first went on sale, the game Among Us makers He shared this incident on Twitter. This shows interest in Nugget. highly We can say it has increased.

As a result, among Us shaped nuggets are also produced purely for humor purposes. Dogecoin‘s ceiling and things that are already free on the internet NFT Incredibly money-making, as it was sold for millions of dollars to the product of humor has transformed.

The only thing weirder than selling a $100,000 nugget is that the same nugget will be delivered next week. 200 thousand dollars is resold. As silly as this may sound, it’s possible.


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