Number of Coronavirus Cases Exceeded 30 Thousand

The number of daily coronavirus cases in Turkey has unfortunately exceeded the threshold of 30 thousand. Fahrettin Koca explained that more than 50% of the cases are in people aged 30 and under.

The coronavirus continues to be seen in our country since March 2020. The increasing number of cases all over the world was not different in our country. The number of cases in Turkey has increased significantly despite the acceleration of vaccination with the restrictions lifted at the end of summer. However, as the individual measures to be taken decreased, the number of cases continued to increase.

The number of new coronavirus cases in our country continued to circulate between 28 thousand and 30 thousand per day in recent weeks. But today, the threshold of 30 thousand, which is an important threshold in the number of cases, has been exceeded. According to the data shared by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, today in Turkey 30 thousand 438 new cases detected, 236 citizens lost their lives.

More than 50% of active cases are 30 years or older:


Fahrettin Koca also shared an article giving information about the current situation after the number of cases. He stated that the 3rd dose of vaccination, the age distribution of cases and hospitalizations, and the course of the epidemic were on the agenda of the Scientific Committee today. Koca stated that as of today, there are no active cases. More than 50% are people under the age of 30 is explained.

On the other hand, he stated that although they are found at a higher rate among active cases, young cases are not reflected in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions. The minister said that although young people are more likely to get the disease, they need fewer hospitalizations. On the other hand, he added that among the citizens who died in the last 1 month, the highest rate was composed of citizens aged 70 and over.


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There is still talk about the need for a third dose for those who have 2 doses of mRNA vaccine:

Koca explained that evaluations were made on whether citizens who had received 2 doses of mRNA vaccine would need a 3rd dose of vaccine, and that investigations were continuing on those who were vaccinated but caught the virus. if now It is stated that there is no need for citizens who have been vaccinated with 2 doses of mRNA vaccine to be vaccinated for the 3rd dose. announced. He added that those who have inactivated vaccines should have the 3rd dose as soon as possible.