Number of PlayStation 5 Inquiries Outperformed PS4

Apparently, the promise of ‘taking its place on the shelves’ used for newly released products will not apply to PlayStation 5. Sony said in a statement that the demand for the PS5 in the first 12 hours surpassed the demand for the PS4 in the first 12 weeks.

It’s late October, and in November, PlayStation 5 will debut worldwide. Returning among fans since the day they were introduced PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? As the debate turned, an impressive statement came from Sony.

The statement made by Sony revealed how high the demand for the company’s next generation console is. According to the statement made by Sony, PlayStation 5, It generated more sales in its first 12 hours than PlayStation 4 sold in the first 12 weeks.

PlayStation 5 pre-orders flame

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This demand for PlayStation 5 is also for PlayStation 4. faced with a very intense demand before leaving It becomes much more impressive if we consider it. According to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, despite the economic problems, epidemic and lack of marketing around the world, the demand for the next generation console is very important.

Speaking to Reuters, Ryan is on the launch of the new console, just like PlayStation 4. It can be quite difficult to find expressed. He also stated that Sony is working as hard as possible to meet the demand.


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PlayStation 4, Sony’s current last generation console, also made a very impressive debut and managed to outpace its rival Xbox One in a short time. Currently a direct competitor of PlayStation 5 What is the demand for the Xbox Series X? is not yet known, but it is stated that this may occur at the end of November. What are you thinking? Do you think PlayStation will be able to outpace Xbox once again?

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