Nvidia buys CPU developer ARM | heise online

Nvidia buys ARM from SoftBank. The beetle announced that on Sunday. Nvidia pays twelve billion US dollars in cash, plus own shares valued at 21.5 billion dollars. SoftBank will retain a single-digit percentage of ARM as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) ARMs.

Depending on the further development of the ARM business, SoftBank can win another five billion dollars in stocks and / or money. That goes out Nvidia’s announcement emerged. Thus, the Japanese seller could receive a total of up to $ 38.5 billion. SoftBank only took over chip developer ARM in 2017 and paid around 32 billion dollars at the time. The company is now valued at up to $ 40 billion on the sale.

Nvidia allocates its own shares with a total value of 1.5 billion dollars to the employees of ARMs. The new owner promises to expand ARM’s research and development in Cambridge, UK. A “world class” research center for artificial intelligence and an AI supercomputer are planned. ARM’s customer-neutral license model vows to continue Nvidia.


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