NVIDIA GeForce Go Now Turkey’s Discount Price


For a long time, which was the subject of discussion, this time winning GeForce Now players in Turkey prices. After the criticism from players, Nvidia, Turkey Turkey instead of canceling the players’ accounts globally recognized TL 50 per month for 1 year if they use the chance to go to the server.

Turkcell recently in collaboration with NVIDIA’s now coming to Turkey GeForce Now membership, With both price as well as users of the Turkish force had attracted more than react to Turkey with routing server. At this point, it seems that the criticisms made by both publishers and actors have yielded a result.

According to a statement made by NVIDIA’s GeForce Now is global to the people using these services to Turkey without having to go back to the server will continue to receive here. If former Founders members, Turkey version of Game + ‘to paying £ 49.90 per month for 1 year if they want to pass will be able to benefit from this service. In addition, no data will be given to Game + during this period.

Geforce now

He stood out for the high price

NVIDIA partnership with Turkcell, Turkey entered the market GeForce Now’s premium package was originally announced as 74.90 TL.. Normally, it was a problem to sell the service, which is 5 Euros per month abroad, for 9 Euros in our country. The new update, along with Game + ‘s GeForce Now service is still able to come to have stayed the same, though before using this service members Turkey servers at advantageous prices.


NVIDIA GeForce Abroad Join Now Alan Turkey Turkey redirects users to the server

What happened now?

NVIDIA’s first too high a price to be entered Turkey on behalf of the platform by pulling the reaction of the players was hurt seriously. The company is now in Turkey still needs to change the price goes though the amount of the error. So what do you think about the step back from GeForce Now? Is the monthly fee of 49.90 TL suitable for you? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.