NVIDIA GeForce Now to Drive Subscriptions to Turkey


NVIDIA sent an email to subscribers of GeForce Now service’s overseas packages today. It was stated in the e-mail that subscriptions will be transferred to GAME +. NVIDIA’s borders to Turkey Turkish players will only be garnered great response services.

Cloud based game system NVIDIA GeForce Now’ın All players in our country came to Turkey when Turkcell announced that the partnership had lived in great excitement. The main reasons for this excitement were the fact that the servers will be brought to our country, thus the delay values ​​will be minimized and the pricing will be made in TL.

Four days ago he came excitedly description and we expect the NVIDIA GeForce Now Turkey prices were announced. Although the prices have been announced, many players also dreams fell through. Turkey price of NVIDIA’s services for many players ‘expensive’ as it was described.

Turkey can not be taken from sites other than subscriptions, the subscription of the areas to be transferred to Turkey:


Players who heard that the premium package would be 74.90 TL, especially complained that this price was more expensive than the foreign exchange rate. Monthly abroad 5 euro service, equivalent to 9 euros in our country was priced. Naturally players, not subscriptions via Turkey GeForce Now, they find it makes sense to do over Europe.

But today there was a reaction from NVIDIA. Check with the company collects more than enough response, the players in Europe and in Turkey subscriptions in other regions announced that he would terminate. The company sends an e-mail to the players in the coming weeks. service providers will be changed to GAME + stated. For overseas subscriptions, the provider was NVIDIA.

Your subscriptions in e-mail Until the end of the day, May 3, 2021 It was stated that they can continue to be used and that there will be no wage cuts in the upcoming payment period for the healthy progress of this transformation. NVIDIA’s Turkish players Having only limited service to Turkey, Received great reaction from Turkish players.

geforce now

geforce now

The issue of price was also mentioned at the end:

With the announcement of the prices, it was also a matter of discussion which company determined the label of 74.90 TL. In this regard, a Turkcell employee NVIDIA’s He is charging a higher price claimed, then, in a statement from NVIDIA’s official Twitter account, the service Operated by Turkcell statedThat is, Turkcell was shown as responsible for the prices.

In the e-mail sent, a statement was made by NVIDIA to Turkcell. In the e-mail ” Since this service is not managed by NVIDIA, GAME + can have different membership options Please noteTherefore, NVIDIA once again directed the arrows to Turkcell regarding the price.