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If you previously thought that there wasn’t much to test on computer mice, this c’t uplink could convince you of the opposite: c’t editor Michael Link has taken apart the digital rodents, examined their batteries, latency and preference for surfaces and even measured them how loud which mouse clicks.

Sven Hansen tells how his children video chat with their grandmother via Amazon – at least as long as she feels like it – which video chat software is easiest to use and why the Google Nest Hub 2 has no cameras. He also explains what it takes to make your own television suitable for video chat and when it makes sense to use an iPhone as a webcam.

Holger Bleich has been dealing with IT law issues for the c’t for a long time and reports about them regularly in the c’t podcast “A matter of interpretation”. For the current c’t he looked at a new study on the anti-hate law on the Internet, which the GroKo passed in part in 2017 and then changed again. It is about violations of the freedom of expression, an obligation to report hate speech on the Internet and at the end the guests discuss the subject of real name requirements.

Also present: Michael Link, Sven Hansen, Holger Bleich and Kim Sartorius.

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