Official Ball of Euro 2020 Adidas Uniforia Technical Specifications


The Euro 2020 tournament has started and unfortunately our adventure as Turkey did not last long. Today, although it does not make us very happy, we have prepared a detailed content for those who want to examine the official ball of Euro 2020, and we took a little nostalgia tour to the balls of the Euro tournaments of the past years.

The Euro tournament of the World Cup, which covers less countries but is as exciting as the World Cup, has been a bitter ukte in Turkey in 2008. We all That Semih will enter at the last minute and score a goal in Euro 2008 and we believed wholeheartedly that he would save us, we knew that Nihat would score a goal out of his pocket.

It is now postponed due to coronavirus and played in 2021. Euro 2020 We witness the tournament. Although Euro 2020 is a short adventure for us, one of the highlights of all international tournaments is balls. The ball design and technical features, which change every 4 years, are an intriguing subject. Come to you used in the Euro 2020 tournament Adidas UniforaLet’s talk about.

Euro 2020 official topu: Adidas Uniforia

Adidas Uniforia

The ball to be used for Euro 2020 Adidas developed by and It was called ‘Uniforia’. Uniforia is a name created by combining the words ‘Unity’ (unity) and ‘Euphoria’ (euphoria) and is a very appropriate name for this special tournament considering the event will be held in 12 different cities.

Adidas Uniforia used in the 2018 World Cup Telstar It is a ball with the same panel and materials as the ball, but of course its exterior design is very different. The ball has important features such as excellent shape accuracy, flight stability, post-rebound predictability and high durability.

Adidas Uniforia, FIFA Quality PRO certified. So what does this mean? This means that the ball has been tested and approved in 7 different titles: Weight, environment, sphericity, reaction force, water absorption, pressure loss and deformation. The ball to be used in Euro 2020 is currently the most technologically advanced in the world.

Adidas Uniforia technical specifications:

  • Size:
    • number 5
    • Diameter: 22cm
    • Perimeter: 70 cm
  • Materiel
    • 70% polyurethane
    • %20 polyester
    • 10% viscose
  • Features
    • Seamless, thermally bonded construction, predictable flight trajectory, better ball feel, less water absorption

Since we have mentioned enough about the Euro 2020 ball, let’s take a little nostalgia tour by looking at the balls used in Euro tournaments until 1984.

Euro 2016

euro 2016

Euro 2016 was the year both Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal won their first major national tournament title, and throughout the tournament Adidas Beautiful Game ball is used. Adidas Fracas was used in the qualifiers.

Euro 2012

euro 2012

In the years when Spain dominated the national tournaments, after the 2010 World Cup, Spain also won the Euro 2012 tournament with a crushing performance and in that tournament. Adidas Tango 12 ball is used.

Euro 2008

euro 2008

The proud but sad tournament among us as the Turkish nation: Euro 2008. Sometimes in our minds, “Semih! Semih! Semih!’ and the tournament that made their voices resound Spain had won and in this tournament a special Adidas Europass ball is used.

Euro 2004

euro 2004

Used in Euro 2004 tournament Adidas RoadmapHe brought good luck for the Greek national team, and to their surprise, they became champions that year.

Euro 2000

euro 2000

In 2000, when France won their second Euro championship Adidas’ın Terrestra Silverstream ball is used.

Euro 1996

euro 1996

The ball used in the last Euro tournament of the 20th century, in which the German national team won the championship. Adidas Questra Europe was.

Euro 1992

euro 1992

The ball of the Euro 1992 tournament, where Denmark, another national team that surprised everyone, won and took home the trophy. Adidas Etrusco Unique and this ball was also used in the 1990 World Cup.

Euro 1988

euro 1988

At the Euro 1988 tournament held in West Germany, before the Soviet Union was dissolved and the Berlin wall was not destroyed, and won by the Dutch national team Adidas Tango Europe ball was used.

Euro 1984

euro 1984

In the tournament held in France and won by France Adidas Tango Mundial ball is used.

Thus, We talked about the technical features of Adidas Uniforia, the official ball of the Euro 2020 tournament. We have come to the end of our content. Please do not forget to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. Also on our official Telegram channel from here You can subscribe.