Official Gameplay Trailer of FIFA 22 Has Arrived


EA Games has released an official gameplay trailer for FIFA 22. In this trailer, which lasts about 4 minutes, we can clearly see what we should expect from the new game.

Football fans eagerly await FIFA 22The veil of smoke is slowly parting. The official gameplay trailer released by Electronic Arts also aims to provide information about the changes in the game.

In the new version of FIFA most featured features algorithmic and graphical changes that provide a more realistic football experience. Electronic Arts especially wants to make the player movements and the playing of the teams on the field more realistic.

Gameplay trailer:

New graphics engine is coming:


Electronic Arts for the first time in FIFA 22 HyperMotion uses technology. Thanks to this technology, there will be completely authentic team action in the game this year. In other words, teams will be able to spread out more naturally on the field. And this machine learning will do with.

With the new physics engine in the game, it is now possible for players to air struggles It will also be more realistic. In other words, factors such as the strength of the players and the speed of entering the position will also have an impact on who wins the fights in the air balls.


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What we see in the new trailer Another detail is more realistic ball control. Players will now touch the ball much more, and their interaction with the ball will likely be better as well. In addition, the players will act more realistically, and even their characters will be more reflected in the game.

Innovation for goalkeepers:



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According to the statement from EA, the game goalkeepers will be renewed and made more effective. Other features to be added to the game will include real ball physics, explosive sprinting, new offensive tactics and an improved matchday atmosphere.

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021. of the game Ultimate Edition One non-tradable FUT Heroes player will also be gifted from December 1st to those who pre-order the version by August 11th.